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ombre glitter manicure tutorial

I got sucked into the magical vortex that is DISCONAILS last night and wound up getting so riled up that I wound up trying an ombre glitter manicure with a flake polish.  Lo-fi in comparison, definitely.  I think I liked it better last night… I keep looking down at my nails and wondering where the party is.

Want to try it?

pa nail color premier lame grande AA36

First, I pulled two polishes I picked up a while back– one is from the brand pa (it’s from Japan– I picked this up at a Marukai in Gardena).  This specific polish is called pa nail color premier lame grande AA36.  It’s a brownish black sheer base with mini iridescent glitters and bigger pink hexagonal glitter.

sasatinnie super dolly fantasy colour

The other is by Sasatinnie– I’m not sure what color it is since I pulled it from one of those huge bins at Sasa, but the bottom says “Super Dolly Fantasty colour– Quick Dry”.  It pulls very purple and is a serious Flake polish– it has these opalescent flakes in it that pop out at you in the sun.  They’re killer.

Of course, I’m using random and obscure polishes (sorry!)… You could really use any glitter polish you like along with a sheer that’s close to your glitter range to lay over it.

For the record, everytime I paint my nails, I put down a coat of OPI’s Maintenance Nail Envy FIRST and use Seche Vite on top– hence my tendency towards a late night manicure– it sets almost instantly so no smudges!

First, lay down a THIN layer of your glitter all along the nail– this will help get that full ombre effect once you’re done.

Next, lay down a thin coat (I only used one here) of your sheer polish– in my case, the Sasatinnie Super Dolly.  See those shiny flakes?  EH?

Then, take your glitter polish and apply a thicker layer of the polish about halfway up the nail.  You’re basically building the glitter up so you get better depth of color as you go.

Once that dries, do another layer only up along the uppermost section of your nail.

Top it off with a layer of Seche Vite.  This will smooth out any glittery chunkiness and give you a nice shine.



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  1. Baron Van RAd #

    i LOVE the animated tutorial!!!!

    August . 24 . 2011


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